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Welcome to The Hearth

The Hearth is a place where people come together to hear stories and talk with one another. We warmly invite you to gather around, settle in with a drink or two, and enjoy a night of readings.

A handpicked mix of local creative thinkers, writers, and performers share thought-provoking readings and offer a brief discussion on their writing process. Then it’s over to you, as we invite our audience to engage with our readers by asking questions and responding to their work. All this in a relaxed environment that features good beers, live tunes and the potential to make some new and excellent friends.

Come and sit with us at The Hearth, we’d love to meet you!

We are currently taking pitch submissions for the next night of readings. 

Calling writers, artists, performers, creative types, thinkers, and anyone with something to contribute! We are inviting you to submit a 250-word pitch for The Hearth’s next night of readings on the theme of:


July (date TBA) at The Jade (160 Flinders St, Adelaide).

We welcome very wide interpretations on the theme and encourage experimental forms of performance/writing/life narrative/creative nonfiction/fiction/poetry, etc.

Nostalgia is a wistful longing for the past. It’s a particular way of looking back, of remembering. We might remember a point in time like childhood, adolescence or a time when life seemed ‘good’, or we might remember a significant place—home, school, or a location that brings about a sentimental feeling. Sometimes we get nostalgic about people—friends, ex-lovers, family members.

But nostalgia isn’t only about personal memories. Nostalgia can be cultural, too. Hipster culture often appropriates retro aesthetics in a nostalgic way, reinventing the past for fashionable purposes. Political movements deploy nostalgic versions of history to critique the present.

Nostalgia is powerful and pervasive. It can also be super fun—think snapping polaroids, reminiscing with friends, telling family stories (that everyone’s heard a million times!), playing with Instagram filters, or investigating a time in history that fascinates you.

We hope that this night of readings will explore personal and political elements of nostalgia in fiction, stories, history, culture, real life, and your own life! We welcome you to be nostalgic, tell nostalgic stories, critique nostalgia, map its contours, think about how it works and why it’s important to people.

Here are some keywords to get your thought-juices flowing: Days of yesteryear; retrospect and retrospectives; odd/famous/infamous historical figures, historical events, historical periods; remembering/memories, the fallibility of memory; childhood, family history; the past; nostalgia in politics; hipster culture, hipsters, retro culture; op-shops, vintage, vintage fashion; old technology; movies and music from the past; wistfulness and sentimentality; imagined pasts, imagined histories.

Each reader will have a 10-12 minute slot to present both a reading and some commentary on their piece. Please email us a 250-word pitch (a rough outline of what you want to present), and 50-word bio (feel free to include a link to your blog or website if you have one) by Friday, 19th May, 2017. Email with “Nostalgia Pitch” in the subject line, and your pitch and bio in the body of the email (no Word doc attachments please!). Please feel free to send any questions our way, we’d love to hear from you.
Alicia, Emma, Lauren & Melanie —The Hearth Collective.

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We are looking for readers for future Hearth events and we invite you to get in touch if there’s something you’d like to read. We welcome artists, writers, thinkers, performers, activists, or anyone with something interesting to say and a way with words and ideas. If you’d like to read at an upcoming Hearth night, please send us an email at and we can talk about if and where you might fit in the upcoming schedule. We look forward to hearing from you!