Introducing The Hearth


The Hearth is a literary event that aims to bring people together over conversation, ideas, and a drink or two.

The Hearth Collective was formed gradually over a long winter of talking about books and writing by fireside, stolen coffee dates amid hectic schedules, and hillside roaming in blustery weather. We are Alicia, Emma, Lauren, and Melanie: four bookish friends who met while studying postgraduate English at Flinders Uni.

We wanted to create an event that celebrates intellectual engagement without the academic performance (and impenetrable language!). An event that anyone could come to, and that would make equal space for sharing interesting ideas, spinning yarns, starting conversations, making friends, having a laugh, and sparking delight.

We hit upon the 19th Century French tradition of les veillées, important in artisan and agricultural working life. Les veillées were evening gatherings where members of the community would, after a hard day’s work, come together around the fireside to share stories, news, and gossip. From this tradition, The Hearth draws both its name and the premise of sharing ideas through storytelling.

Set in the cosy, intimate space of The Jade, the night presents a handful of short pieces loosely mustered under a theme.

We aim to hold three Hearth nights during the year, beginning with “Bodies and Landscapes” on Tuesday, 16 February at The Jade.

We hope you will join us for a night of conversation, creativity, and ideas!

Lauren Butterworth, Alicia Carter, Emma Maguire, and Melanie Pryor.

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