Meet Our Readers – Matcho Intrumz Cassidy

As a spoken word artist Matcho has been writing and performing for a little over two years. In that short time he is becoming well known in Adelaide for his heartfelt, striking performance style and (we all agree!) charming stage presence. You might have been lucky enough to catch Matcho at some of our favourite spoken word events like Dithyrambia, Draw Your (S)words and Soul Lounge.

His poetry is enchanting, dipped in emotion, rhythmical perspectives, surrounding either the topic of love, relationships, loss, hurt or challenging the ideals of society’s superficiality and order.

For The Hearth’s readings on Nostalgia, Matcho asks the audience to consider love and its problems:

Imagine if you could fall in love with the same person again and again. If you kept encountering the same problems, would you be able to keep chasing love, or would you give up on it? How does abandoning something painful yet precious force us to consider how we define love?

Matcho headshot
Matcho Intrumz Cassidy

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