Meet Our Readers – Melinda Rankin

Melinda Rankin is an artist, writer and arts worker. Her interest lies in working with communities, and in investigating personal themes and their intersection with wider community/global issues. Melinda has written for art journals, exhibition publications and is currently Director of the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery.

At The Hearth’s night of readings on the theme of Nostalgia Melinda will be presenting a performance piece about loss, family, and the power of particular objects. The piece is titled ‘Ritual Object’:

The jumper on my mantelpiece refuses to be discarded. Knitted over 40 years ago by my mother for my father, it was never worn after she died, several years after its creation. It stayed in a drawer for decades until I took on its custodianship.

This story of the past is a performance and the performance is a ritual. A ritual telling and a ritual unravelling…

Melinda Rankin

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