Meet Our Readers – Melanie Pryor

For our ‘Of the Night’ readings, we welcome back one of our own to the Hearth stage! Hearth Collective member, wielder of beautiful words, and singer of stories, Melanie Pryor will be reading a tale about night mares and eerie Australian landscapes.

Melanie deserves hearty congratulations for her recent achievement: her travel memoir was the sole highly commended entry for the 2017 AAWP Chapter One Prize. Melanie writes about bodies, landscapes, and the reasons we are drawn to wild places. Her personal essays have been published in Southerly, Overland, Lip magazine and Meanjin (forthcoming), and her research in the journal a/b: Auto/Biography Studies. She is currently in the final stages of her creative writing PhD at Flinders University.

To whet your appetite, here’s a teaser from the piece Melanie will be reading at ‘Of the Night’:

“The boy’s mother left with the search party early in the morning and when she came home that evening she was red-eyed and grim-mouthed. His father didn’t come home until even later, and when he did, he was crusted with salt and foul-smelling mud and his face was hard. The boy was put to bed, but couldn’t sleep for a long time because there were boots thumping through his house and raised voices as members of the search party returned. He heard rough, hacking sobs, quickly stifled. Every day, the search went out. They found the girl four days later deep in the mangroves…”



Melanie Pryor



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