The Sea

Calling all writers, artists, performers, creative types, thinkers, and anyone with something to contribute! We are inviting you to submit a 250-word pitch for The Hearth’s next night of readings on the theme of:



at The Jade (160 Flinders St, Adelaide).


For some, the sea is a place of rejuvenation, conjuring memories of family holidays and beachside relaxation. But the sea too can be dangerous. It is a place of borders, an unimaginably vast and often hostile force that swells and shifts and keeps us from one another. It is a place to be crossed, to be conquered, to be devoured by. Below its murky depths lies a world we can hardly imagine, one of prehistoric creatures and fantastical beasts and wonders. What does the sea mean to you?


We welcome very wide interpretations on the theme and encourage experimental forms of performance/writing/life narrative/creative nonfiction/fiction/poetry, etc.


We suggest writing to these prompts:

Tides of change, what’s hidden below the surface, storms and swells, creatures of the deep, travel and adventure, family holidays, distance and voyages, the beach, summer, displacement and immigration, refugees, borders and boundaries, mermaids/mermen, bodies of water, pirates, sea monsters, drowning, swimming, the shore as a liminal space, climate change, naval exploration.


Each reader will have a 10-12 minute slot to present both a reading and some commentary on their piece.

Please email us a 250-word pitch (a rough outline of what you want to present), and 50-word bio (feel free to include a link to your blog or website if you have one) by 1st June.  Email  with “The Sea Pitch” in the subject line, and your pitch and bio in the body of the email (no Word doc attachments please!).


Please feel free to send any questions our way, we’d love to hear from you.

Alicia, Emma, Lauren & Melanie
—The Hearth Collective.


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