Past Events


Masquerade Poster_Draft4 Masquerade – Fringe 2018

What better time of year than Adelaide Fringe 2018 to explore the carnivalesque, disguises, hidden identity and all forms of play and concealment! There was poetry, romance, costumes and digital projections!

Featuring: Ben Brooker, Taeghan Buggy, Katie Keys, Amy T Matthews, and CJ McLean.



What's Lost What Lingers_Poster

What’s Lost, What Lingers – November 2017

This special event was held in association with the AAWP 22nd Annual Conference, held at Flinders University, Adelaide. The theme took inspiration from the title of the conference – Climates of Change. Readings considered what, in processes and times of change, survives and what disappears. What is lost and what lingers?

Featuring: Alison Coppe, Quinn Eades, Roanna Gonsalves, Andy Jackson, Daniel Juckes, Molly Murn, Leigh Redhead, and Heather Taylor Johnson.

Of the Night Poster

Of the Night – October 2017

Nightscapes, dark creatures, crypts, the missing, night life, the stars and the moon. ‘Of the Night’ brought out some moving poetry, touching personal essays, haunting stories, and wonderful discussion about all things of the night!

Featuring: JV Birch, Marina Deller, Andrew Lee, Lisandra Linde and Melanie Pryor.


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Nostalgia – July 2017

The past, memories, histories and objects – readers explored nostalgic attachment and ways of remembering people, places, and relationships. A knitted jumper was cut open and unravelled onstage as part of a performance piece about family and difficult pasts.

Featuring: Matcho Intrumz Cassidy, Tracy Crisp, Bronwyn Lovell, Melinda Rankin and Rachel Spencer.


Fringe Poster Updated

Earthly Delights // Mysteries & Wonders  – Fringe 2017

Two nights of readings dazzled and enthralled audiences, and came runner up for Best Event in the Adelaide Fringe Awards!

Featuring: Liz Allan,Libby Bramble, Alice Gorman, Lisa L. Hannett, Phillip Kavanagh, Cat Kilmore, Andrew Lee, Gay Lynch, Sarah Pearce and Satori.



Lives & Selves – November 2016

Readings on Lives & Selves brought together true and true-ish stories, essays and poetry, including a bi-lingual poetry reading and confessions from a teenage diary.

Featuring: Alison Bennett, Ben Brooker, Kylie Cardell, Kathryn Hummel, Threasa Meads, and Houman Zandi-Zadeh.


Hearth Poster Hunger

Hunger – July 2016

Readings on the theme of Hunger features some touching moments and intriguing discussion around what it means to hunger, to be hungry, to want and to desire. Readers considered what it is to possess an emptiness and the ways we try to fill such voids, but also what it means to be fulfilled.

Featuring: Grace Chipperfield, Carolina Castro,Richard Falkner, CJ McLean, Sarah Pearce and Anisha Pillarisetti.

The Hearth: A night of readings on the theme of "Bodies and Landscapes." Tuesday 16th Feb 2016, 6.30 pm at The Jade - 142-160 Flinders St, Adelaide, $5 entry.

Bodies & Landscapes – February 2016

The inaugural Hearth event! Themes around spaces, locations and how we inhabit them emerged alongside questions about identity and embodiment.

Featuring: Peter Beaglehole, Lauren Butterworth, Alicia Carter, Piri Eddy, Emma Maguire and Melanie Pryor.