Meet Our Readers – Tracy Crisp

Tracy Crisp is a writer, performer and excellent Adelaidean who lived for many years in Abu Dhabi, but has (we’re so glad!) recently moved back to Adelaide. She is also a funeral celebrant whose work is grounded in her belief that people’s life stories are a rich and powerful gift.

Tracy’s second novel Surrogate is coming out later this year and is set – among other places – in the old Royal Adelaide Hospital. She was writer in residence at the SA Writers Centre earlier this year where she began work on her her third novel, Blackout, which takes place in the Adelaide airport on the night the whole of South Australia lost its power.

Also, keep a look out for Tracy’s solo show, You Can’t Hide in the Desert at next year’s Fringe Festival. It’s a slightly hit and miss comedy based on the extremely hit and miss advice her mother gave her when she was growing up and it sounds excellent!

We’re so looking forward to hearing Tracy’s potent mix of humour and sadness as she presents a short piece titled ‘The Forgettory’.

Pa and I shared a great many things, including excellent memories and a sense of the absurd. As Pa’s memory diminished he began to say that he no longer had a memory, but a forgettory – but it was fascinating to observe what was in the forgettery.

This piece deals with the deepest of human sadness, but also the with love and connection. 

Tracy Crisp


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